• Tenders
Sr.No Description Dated
1. Notice Inviting Quotations for installation of CCTV Cameras in the recruitment process of SSSCstar 07-11-2017
2. Notice Inviting Quotations for conducting Aadhar Based Biometric Attendance as well as Non-Aadhaar Biometric Attendance star 07-11-2017
3. Notice Inviting Quotations for the sale of CCTV Camera and DVRs including power supply 27-07-2017
4. Notice Inviting Quotations for installation of CCTV Cameras,installation of 2G/3G/4G/voice/Data/Bluetooth/Image Transmission signal Blocking Jammers 06-05-2016
5. Notice Inviting Quotations for various services with regard to installation of CCTV Cameras, installation of Jammers, packing of different kinds of material in cartons 10-03-2016
6. Notice Inviting Quotation for various items with regard to capturing biometric impressions, installation of CCTV Camera, setting up Baggage & Mobile Phone Management Counters and Frisking of Candidates during recruitment process. 09-01-2016
7. Sealed Quotations are invited for designing and re-development of website of S.S.S.C. 06-11-2015
8. Tender No. 155/S.S.S.C., dated 04.09.2015 - Bids are invited from eligible persons for executing painting work in the office of S.S.S.C. 04-09-2015
9. Notice Inviting Sealed Quotations for Installation of CCTV Cameras, Frisking of Candidates and Baggage/Mobile Phone Management. 14-08-2015
10. Sealed Quotations are invited from the service providers of Mobile/ Cell Phone/ Bluetooth / Electronic Device Jammers for blocking image/voice transmissions during examination 07-07-2015
11. Tender No. 35/S.S.S.C/01.07.2015 - Sealed bids are invited from concerned dealers for purchase of Compactors, Racks, Fork Machine and Furniture Items. 01-07-2015
12. Tender No. 34/S.S.S.C./02.07.2015 - Sealed Bids are invited from eligible persons for executing Civil Works in the office of S.S.S.C, Top Floor, Block C, High Court Extension, Sector 17, Chandigarh. 01-07-2015
13. Tender No. 26/SSSC/18.06.2015 – Sealed Bids are invited from eligible persons for executing civil/electrical works at S.S.S.C. office, Top Floor, Block-C, High Court Extension Building, Sector – 17, Chandigarh 18-06-2015

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